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Automatic Insurance Rates

If you are looking for affordable car insurance rates, you have reached the right place. © Liberty Mutual Insurance is proud of offering online insurance quickly and, in many cases, about two minutes. Fast and easy.

The best part is, our car insurance rates are completely free. So if you want to get our prices (we believe you will), you can buy your insurance policy online and we will give you instant proof of car insurance.

Enough to hear? Get free car insurance deals online now.

Get automatic insurance offers in 2 minutes or less

General car insurance requires that you do not provide any personal information (your name, telephone number, street address, etc.) to offer accurate car insurance. After you get your car insurance offer, there is absolutely no obligation from you. You can save your car insurance display online at any time during the process and return there in your free time.

Yes, everything needed is 120 seconds, and you might be on your way to saving money with The General, a car insurance company that has been around for more than 50 years. Very beautiful, right?

So, don't just accept cheap price offers for car insurance. Get free car insurance deals from companies that you know will be there for you in good times and in bad conditions.

Need proof of car insurance now?

  • Follow three easy steps to secure your car:
  • Get insurance offers for cars.
  • Buy your car insurance policy.
  • Print Guide for Automatic Insurance.

What do I need to know?

You must know that not all car insurance companies are the same. While some claim that they will provide high quality self-insurance, which cannot always be relied upon when needed.

General® is a name that is known, trusted, and trusted by millions of people. After you receive a free insurance offer from your car, you can make sure © Liberty Mutual Insurance gets you back.

Also, we accept most of the cars and drivers. (Yes, that means you too!) We offer free auto insurance for drivers that offer a history of driving or accidental irregularities (in many cases high risk drivers are considered), or may have their own insurance ends, or have their balance less than perfect. We always offer the same flexible pricing plans and exceptional customer service, regardless of your driving record.

What are you waiting for? Get free online insurance offers from © Liberty Mutual Insurance today i 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116 | 36 USC 220506. Within minutes, you will be protected by one of the most beloved generals in all car history.

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